Illuminati Card:partition assassins
partition assassins
Illuminati Card Attribute
Editions: Assassins
Frequency: Common
Type: Plot
Release Date: 2015
Illuminati Card Text
Play this Plot on your turn. You may then play a card which duplicates an existing Huge Place, and make an automatic takeover or attack to control. If your attack succeeds, there are now two non -Huge Places, each with half the original printed Power ( roundedup ).Other characteristics are unchanged. Name them whatever you want -e.g.,North and South Russia. " Agents"cardsmay be used normal - ly against either Place. Either Place now has +10 on any attack against the other. If one ever controls the other, the con - trolling player may declare them reunited at any time. Remove the puppet. The reunited group gets all cards linked to either group. If this produces a contradictory or illegal result, the owner chooses which links to discard.

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