Illuminati Card:nevermore assassins
nevermore assassins
Illuminati Card Attribute
Editions: Assassins
Frequency: Uncommon
Type: Plot
Release Date: 2015
Illuminati Card Text
Play this card immediately after any Plot takes effect .For the rest of the game ,no duplicate of that Plot may be played .Place this card with the NWOs , with the Nevermored Plot removed from the dis - card pile and placed under it .If a Plot is not dis - carded when played ,it may still be Nevermored ; write its name on a sticky note and put it on or beside this card .
If not canceled when first played ,Nevermore ! cannot be removed ,and any player can then Nevermore any Plot immediately after it is played . Playing this card ,or Nevermoring another Plot after this card is already down ,requires an Illuminati action or two Plot discards from your hand or deck . (Requires Illuminati Action or Discards )

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