Flying Saucer

Illuminati Card:flying saucer limited
flying saucer limited
Illuminati Card:flying saucer unlimited
flying saucer unlimited
Illuminati Card Attribute
Editions: Limited Unlimited
Frequency: Common
Type: Resource
Release Date: 2015
Illuminati Card Text
This vehicle was found buried in a cornfield in Idaho .It will take a small number of people anywhere in the world ,undetectably ,within an hour . Linked to a Personality ,the Flying Saucer gives him + 10 against any Attack to Destroy or Assassination .It is captured or destroyed if he is . Left unlinked ,as property of the Illuminati ,the Flying Saucer lets you make an automatic takeover of one extra Resource card each turn ,provided you discard your top undrawn Plot card in exchange . Unique Gadget Artifact

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