Every Year Is Worse

Illuminati Card:every year is worse assassins
every year is worse assassins
Illuminati Card Attribute
Editions: Assassins
Frequency: Common
Type: Plot
Release Date: 2015
Illuminati Card Text
"The Earth is degenerating today .Bribery and cor - ruption abound .Children no longer obey their parents , every man wants to write a book ,and it is evident that the end of the world is fast approaching ." - Assyriantablet ,c .2 800BC
Play this card at any time except during a privileged attack ,placing it over any Conservative group .The target is paralyzed immediately .It can - not spend Action tokens ,and cannot use any special ability or linked Resource .Its puppets are unaffected , but it cannot get new ones .Control of the target does not count toward any Goal .To free the target , either remove its Conservative alignment or spend an action from its master or any Illuminati . Playing this card requires an Illuminati action ,or Liberal action(s) of Power equal to the target's current Resistance . Requires Illuminati or Liberal Action(s)

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